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Multicultural festivals in British Columbia are held during the summer months to celebrate Canada's cultural heritage. The Canadian government defines "multiculturalism" as a policy that recognizes that diversity is a strength and encourages equal opportunity for all (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). British Columbia's multicultural festivals aim to celebrate the traditions and customs of the various cultures living in this province. The most prevalent ones include: Chinese, German, Irish, Japanese, Scottish and Ukrainian.

Most Popular Festivals

British Columbia has two types of multicultural festivals; large-scale festivals that take place in multiple cities and smaller events that are held in local communities. The large-scale festivals attract visitors from all over the province and include:

Major Multicultural Festival

British Columbia has many beautiful areas to visit, but perhaps none are as striking as the Multicultural Festival . Each summer, up to 1 million people come together in Vancouver to experience a variety of colourful cultural performances and delicacies. There is so much diversity represented at these festivals that you'll experience everything from traditional music to modern dance.

The Best Part about Attending a Multicultural Festival

You don't have tobe of that specific culture to enjoy the festivities. You can expect the unexpected at multicultural festivals, so pack your sunscreen and get ready for a day filled with dancing, music, games and more food than you can imagine!

The Multicultural Festival Society of BC is dedicated to creating opportunities for all British Columbians to participate in celebrations of cultural diversity.

There are multicultural festivals in British Columbia throughout the summer months. Many of them coincide with other events such as Canada Day, so you can really stretch your festival-going budget to have a great time! For example, there is a Multicultural Festival at Vanier Park that includes a parade and block party along with food and entertainment for the whole family.

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The festivals are also a great way to explore other communities in British Columbia, which you might not have the chance to do otherwise. There is always so much going on, it can be overwhelming! For example, there is a Multicultural Festival at Queen Elizabeth Theatre featuring more than 1,500 performers from around the world. You'll find the festival in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, and it is one of Western Canada's largest and most exciting multicultural festivals.

Multicultural festivals are a great way to experience BC culture. It's also a great place to meet new people from around the world! So whether you're just sightseeing or looking for something fun to do this summer, a festival is the way to go.