Harambecouver is the best multicultural festival in Canada!

The Harambe Multicultural Carnaval is a vibrant community celebration that brings together people of various cultural backgrounds through music, dance, craft and food! It brings together the rich diversity of the neighborhood with the colorful sights and sounds of over 40 countries. The festival will provide educational opportunities about ways to celebrate cultural diversity in Canada while making new friends! At the heart of this community event there are also activities for children to learn more about their own cultures as well as others. Join us at our 10th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday July 16th at 12pm!

About Harambe

The name Harambe has emerged from a Swahili word meaning togetherness, community and solidarity. It is a place where we come together to celebrate our rich cultural diversity in the heart of Vancouver's West End.

Harambecouver is a multicultural festival in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The goal of the Harambee Multicultural Festival Society is to educate and celebrate cultural diversity through an exciting day for everyone - especially children. We are mandated by the festival to promote multiculturalism across various cultures at the Harambee Multicultural Festival which offers fun for all ages. These cultural groups include individuals from Africa, Caribbean Islands, Europe, South America/Mexico/Central America, North American Indian's, Asia and Middle East.

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We bring delicious food from 40 different countries and live music and entertainment from around the world!  Harambe (harambee) is a Swahili term that means "pulling together for a common purpose." It symbolizes the spirit of Africans coming together to help one another against forces of repression, slavery or foreign domination. The name was adopted by Kenyan anti-colonialist leader Jomo Kenyatta who helped develop the philosophy of Harambee self-help which calls upon people to work with one another in order to achieve economic independence and social justice. Harambe is a free, non-for-profit multicultural festival that takes place annually in Vancouver's West End neighbourhood. The Festival offers its community and visitors an opportunity to discover the rich cultural traditions of over 40 countries through music, dance, crafts and authentic food. Here you can learn more about your own culture while making new friends!

At the heart of this community event are also activities for children where they can get involved with everything from crafts to performances. Harambe has become a much loved tradition in Vancouver that brings together people from all backgrounds into our ever growing multicultural society! 

The name Harambe means "pulling together for a common purpose." It symbolizes the spirit of Africans coming together to help one another against forcesof repression, slavery or foreign domination.

- Festival En Francais;

- Festival en Espanol;

- Festival in Arabic;

- Festival in Farsi;

- Bollywood Dance Workshop;

- Latin American dance workshop;

- African dance workshops (Dahomey, Congo, Senegal);

- Zumba Fitness Workshop: get ready to move!; 

- Drum circles for all ages; 

- And more!..

You can find more information on the official website in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. What's more, a Farsi site is under construction!